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Word & Sacrament is published biannually by the North American Lutheran Seminary (NALS). Stay up-to-date with the latest articles, resources, and news from the NALS. Become a part of our community of learners and leaders who are committed to faithful ministry today!

From the President

In his letter, President Riesen welcomes readers to the inaugural issue of Word & Sacrament, the magazine of North American Lutheran Seminary (NALS). He highlights the unique aspects of NALS, including its commitment to confessional education, ecumenical partnerships, and the formation of leaders for the North American Lutheran Church. Gratitude is expressed to supporters and faculty, emphasizing the transformative work of God.

From the Editor

To what has God “called” us as human beings? As Christians? What is the difference between vocation and occupation? What does it mean to receive a vocation to ministry? To marriage? To engineering? To public service? Is the ministerial vocation superior to others? How can vocation be costly? In our inaugural issue of Word & Sacrament, the Magazine of the North American Lutheran Seminary, we start where all pastors in the North American Lutheran Church must start, serve, and finish: with vocation.