Giving your support to the North American Lutheran Seminary

The North American Lutheran Church (NALC) seeks to ensure the availability of faithful Lutheran theological education for its pastors, prospective pastors and laypeople. These efforts are centered on the North American Lutheran Seminary (NALS), which provides seminary education for candidates for pastoral ministry in the NALC through a hub center in Pennsylvania and with partner institutions across North America. The NALC also provides scholarships and other programming for its seminarians, supports theological conferences and seminars, and encourages continuing education for both pastors and educators.


  • Approximately nine out of ten NALC pastors are over the age of 40.

  • 75 percent of pastors are over the age of 60.

  • Since 2010, the NALC has grown to more than 500 congregations and is still growing.

You can direct your financial support to the North American Lutheran Seminary, you can specify your gifts for seminarian scholarships, or you can simply ask that your donations be used wherever the need is greatest.

“It is with pure gratitude and appreciation towards generous donors like yourself that seminarians can accept God’s calling toward a life in ministry without financial burdens looming over them.”

Ryan Henkel, NALS 2019 graduate, MDiv

Areas of Giving

The North American Lutheran Seminary

Your donations support the operation of the NALS and its extensive educational programming for the future pastors of the North American Lutheran Church.


Seminarian Scholarships

Your donations permit the NALC to offer need-based scholarships to candidates for ordained ministry in the NALC who are enrolled in approved degree programs through the North American Lutheran Seminary system.


Areas of Greatest Need

Unrestricted giving allows NALS and NALC leadership to act quickly to seize opportunities as they arise and meet unexpected needs. These funds are also used for other theological education initiatives such as conferences and seminars, discernment retreats for prospective pastors, and continuing education.

Ways to Give


Donations can be made online through the North American Lutheran Church’s website.

Donate Online Now


Make out a check to the North American Lutheran Church with “NALS,” “Scholarship,” or “Greatest Need” noted on the memo line. The check can be sent to:

The North American Lutheran Church | PO Box 860565 | Minneapolis, MN 55486-0565


Thrivent members can choose the NALS for your Thrivent Choice Dollars.


Some may choose to support theological education by including a contribution in their will or by setting up a scholarship fund in honor or memory of a loved one. For more information on how to make this possible, please contact the treasurer of the NALC, Michael Johnson.

Email Michael