Take the first step on your journey.

You’ve done a lot of thinking and praying. You’ve talked to your friends, your teachers, your pastors, your family — and they’ve all contributed in their own way to the decision you’re about to make.

But if you’re still on the fence, rest easy. Part of our application process is helping you discern whether or not seminary is right for you.

If you’re visiting this website, then more than likely you are seriously considering theological education in preparation for Word and Sacrament ministry in the North American Lutheran Church. You probably have lots of questions about what this education will require. To help answer your questions, read through the Standards of Theological Education and Pastoral Formation for the NALS, as well as the Seminary and the Candidacy Process of the North American Lutheran Church by clicking the buttons below.

Please know, we are here to help you discern a call. The first step in that discernment is to apply for admission into the NALS Network. Your application will be prayerfully reviewed. After review, a small team will meet with you (most likely via Zoom) to pray with you and discuss your application. Again, our purpose is to help you discern where the Holy Spirit is calling you.

The application is simple and free.

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