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The North American Lutheran Seminary (NALS) is dedicated to the formation of pastors and leaders for the North American Lutheran Church (NALC). As a network, the NALS operates as a hub, centered at the seminary center located at Trinity School for Ministry, with partner seminaries serving as spokes. This hub-and-spokes model strikes a harmonious balance, offering seminary education that is tailored to the unique identity of the NALC while remaining accessible to students who may not be able to pursue the traditional residential study path.

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Trinity School for Ministry — The Hub | Ambridge, PA

Trinity School for Ministry (TSM) serves as the Seminary Center for the NALS Network. Regardless of which network school you attend students in the NALS Network engages with the dedicated NALS faculty stationed at the Seminary Center throughout their programs. Aligned with the NALC’s authority structure, the curriculum, faculty, and staff at the Center ensure consistency and mission alignment throughout the entire network. TSM also functions as the administrative hub of the NALS, hosting essential events and NALC Core Value-focused InterTerms. Residential study at the center offers an optimal educational experience for those seeking to pastor and lead in the NALC.

Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary | Charlotte, NC

The Charlotte campus of Gordon-Conwell desires to train men and women for ministry at home and abroad and to impart to them a biblically rich and culturally sensitive vision of ministry. Foundational to all of this is unswerving fidelity to Gordon-Conwell’s Mission Statement and to its classically evangelical Basis of Faith.

NALS faculty member, the Rev. Dr. Nathan Yoder is director of the Lutheran Studies program at the Charlotte campus.

Beeson Divinity School | Birmingham, AL

For those students who desire a fully residential experience, Beeson offers a Master of Divinity degree designed for Lutheran students. In an ecumenical setting, Lutheran students worship and study side-by-side with students from many different traditions and denominations.  Beeson works cooperatively with the NALS to ensure formation within the Lutheran Confessional tradition. Like all seminaries in the NALS Network, students are required to attend to June Interterm classes.  These classes are usually held at the seminary center in Ambridge, PA. 

Luther House of Study at Kairos University | Sioux Falls, SD

The Luther House of Study teaches people to preach and to hear the Gospel by training pastors, supporting ministers, and providing resources to congregations. Anchored in Lutheran theology and grounded in the foundation of Lutheran education, Luther House of Study strengthens Lutheran leadership and ministries for the proclamation of the Gospel.

Concordia Lutheran Seminary | Edmonton, AB

An arrangement with Concordia Lutheran Seminary in Edmonton, Alberta allows NALC candidates who live in Canada to pursue a residential, Lutheran education without having to move across national lines. In this partnership NALC candidates—women and men—may stay in Canada by enrolling as students at Concordia, Edmonton, taking the full curriculum of academic coursework offered by Concordia, Edmonton toward the M.Div. degree, with a small number of recommended classes through the NALS. Candidacy and internship arrangements for these students will be supervised by the NALC’s Candidacy Committee, in conversation with Concordia, Edmonton faculty.

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