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Our goal is that no student graduates with a burden of insurmountable debt. We offer financial assistance, which is available for each network campus and must be applied for individually. Moreover, all students accepted into the Network are eligible for additional financial assistance based on a case-by-case/individualized basis.


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Trinity School for Ministry (Ambridge, PA): The NALS is centered at Trinity School for Ministry

TSM is an evangelical seminary in the Anglican tradition. Lutheran students study, worship and build friendships with Anglican students and with students of other traditions.  All Master of Divinity students are required to have one year in residence in Ambridge. Students can earn a Master of Divinity in the Lutheran Track, which consists of 10 courses taught by a team of highly gifted professors.  Students completing the 10 courses earn a Diploma in Lutheran Studies. 

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Beeson Divinity School (Birmingham, AL)

For those students who desire a fully residential experience, Beeson offers a Master of Divinity degree designed for Lutheran students. In an ecumenical setting, Lutheran students worship and study side-by-side with students from many different traditions and denominations.  Beeson works cooperatively with the NALS to ensure formation within the Lutheran Confessional tradition. Like all seminaries in the NALS Network, students are required to attend to June Interterm classes.  These classes are usually held at the seminary center in Ambridge, PA. 

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Fuller Theological Seminary (Pasadena, CA and Houston, TX)

Students may attend Fuller as either residential or online students. Through Fuller they can earn a Master of Divinity degree with a “Lutheran Concentration.” NALS students at Fuller will take 18 credit hours (six classes) through the seminary center in Ambridge.  These credits will transfer to Fuller and be applied toward the M.Div.  Four of the six classes can be taken online.  Two classes will be held at the seminary center in the June Interterm. The June Interterm is a one week intensive in which students from across North America gather for study, worship, fellowship, and formation.

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Sioux Falls Seminary (Sioux Falls, SD)

SFS is an online seminary which provides Lutheran students with an opportunity to study at the Luther House. SFS seminary provides formation for students through an active mentoring program.  Also, students who are admitted into the NALS Network are encouraged to take the ten classes through the seminary center in Ambridge (Trinity School for Ministry). These classes can be taken for one third the normal rate of tuition. As with all the seminaries in the NALS Network, students are required to take two June Interterm classes offered through the seminary center. 

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Concordia Lutheran Seminary (Edmonton, AB)

An arrangement with Concordia Lutheran Seminary in Edmonton, Alberta allows NALC candidates who live in Canada to pursue a residential, Lutheran education without having to move across national lines. In this partnership NALC candidates—women and men—may stay in Canada by enrolling as students at Concordia, Edmonton, taking the full curriculum of academic coursework offered by Concordia, Edmonton toward the MDiv degree, with a small number of recommended classes through the NALS. Candidacy and internship arrangements for these students will be supervised by the NALC’s Candidacy Committee, in conversation with Concordia, Edmonton faculty. The result will be candidates with an MDiv degree and spiritual formation from an excellent, accredited Lutheran seminary, who will also have had to deal with less of the upheaval and complications associated with moving to a different country.

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