The North American
Lutheran Seminary

Confessional. Orthodox. Evangelical. Lutheran.

Bolstered by an interdependent network of five campuses, the North American Lutheran Seminary (NALS) is part of God’s movement in this culture, time and place.  Hundreds will be raised over the next decade — formed in the Great Tradition of confessional and evangelical Lutheran Faith. The NALS is singularly focused on forming pastors and church leaders with an education that is at once shaped by Christian tradition and bound by the Holy Scriptures.

Upheld by world-class faculty, students have time and opportunity to reflect on the depth and beauty of their faith and be formed properly. The NALS has a commitment to truly cultivate the foundation and the deep roots necessary for tomorrow’s pastors and church leaders to be the stewards of classic, orthodox, biblical theological in preparation for Word and Sacrament ministry in the North American Lutheran Church.

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Classic theological education rooted in the Scriptures shapes men and women – preparing them to engage today’s culture with the truth of the biblical gospel.

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