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Each campus within the NALS Network prioritizes life together. It is the “in-between” time after classes, chapel, or during meals where much of the learning and growing truly is accomplished. Even if you are a distance learner, the yearly residential inter-terms held throughout the network provide the connectedness necessary for formation as a ministerium. 

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Spiritual Formation

We’re often asked how our students can possibly prepare for ministry in our rapidly changing and fractured society.

Our answer? Through a biblical, theological, and confessional education that is supplemented by daily spiritual formation.

At the North American Lutheran Seminary, we strive to prepare our students for whatever future they’ll face by helping them to build a foundation—a way of thinking—that will allow them to make decisions with integrity and compassion in any situation they encounter.



The North American Lutheran Seminary can be found in Ambridge, Pennsylvania, on the campus of Trinity School for Ministry. Our partnership has been in place since 2014.

Trinity’s first classes were held in the fall of 1976 with a small faculty and 17 students meeting in rented classrooms at a local college. Two years later, the seminary purchased an empty Presbyterian Church in Ambridge, Pennsylvania as well as the abandoned supermarket across the street. These buildings were then converted into a campus. In 1990, Trinity purchased the land between the church and the academic building and broke ground for a student commons building. Since then, Trinity has grown to over 300 students in residential and online programs and has expanded into nine buildings—including a state-of-the-art media center providing online and distance learning opportunities.