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To All the Lost, Come Home: A Devotional on Luke 15:1-10

By Colin Neill, NALS MDiv 2020 Two years ago on a youth mission trip with my home congregation, Zion Lutheran Church, a group of teenagers and I spent a week helping a homeowner named David with household tasks. Throughout the week, David was always accompanied by another gentleman who helped direct and assist us in […]

“Take my silver and my gold, Not a mite would I withhold.”

A Reflection on Mark 10:17-31 Money, money, money, money, money:  Jesus never had any in his pockets, but he knew what would happen to our hearts if we kept our hands clutched too tightly around ours.          Money—whether people earn it legally or on the streets, if it becomes your reason to […]

From Death to Life: Preaching Resurrection

I know of a sleep in Jesus’ name,A rest from all toil and sorrow;Earth folds in her arms my weary frameAnd shelters it till the morrow;With God I am safe until the day,When sorrow is gone forever. “I know of a Sleep in Jesus’ Name” It was my first week of Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE). […]