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The Rev. Dr. Amy Schifrin, NALS president

O give thanks to the Lord for he is good;
His steadfast love endures forever.


This refrain of faithful Israel sounds throughout the halls of the North American Lutheran Seminary at Trinity School for Ministry. We are a place and a people who trust that God’s faithfulness is leading us into the future that he has prepared for us.
With that refrain sounding in my heart, my calling is to help prepare the next generation of pastors and church leaders to be a bold and faithful witness to the love that God our Father has poured out through his Son, and which, in the power of his Holy Spirit, we live. My prayer is that when our graduates arrive in parishes, they will be competent and wise, expressive and articulate, humble and joyous, and above all—loving, serving those for whom Christ died and for whom he now lives.

NALS Board of Regents

The NALS Board of Regents is a group of nine to 12 people who commit their time and talents to act as the governing body of the North American Lutheran Seminary. Among their numerous duties, the Board of Regents appoint, advise, and evaluate the president of the NALS and also determine the hiring of faculty members and staff persons.

Dr. M. Roy Schwarz is chair of the NALS Board of Regents and has served in that capacity for four years. His background is in medicine, and he has served as chair of the American Medical Association’s Board of Ethics. He was also one of the first pioneers for distance education for medical students and helped to restructure China’s education systems for medical students.

Ms. Donna Evans is a long-term veteran in the public relations/advertising industry.  While serving as SVP and director of Burson-Marsteller’s Pittsburgh Public Affairs practice, she earned multiple industry awards for her domestic and international work.  Ms. Evans retired from the PR business to raise her children and currently serves her congregation as its Director of Family Ministry.  She served on the founding board of the NALS and is currently serving her second term as Board of Regents vice-chair.  “Preparing faithful teachers, pastors and theologians is of paramount importance to me—both for the future of the NALC and for my children.”

The Rev. Dr. Jeffray Greene is the secretary of the NALS Board of Regents. He has been a Lutheran pastor for 20 years and currently lives in Georgia.

The Bishop Paull E. Spring served as a parish pastor in western Pennsylvania for 30 years. For 14 years, he served as a synodical bishop within the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. He was an active participant in the renewal movements of Solid Rock Lutherans and Lutheran CORE.   In 2010, he was called to be the first bishop in the newly-formed North American Lutheran Church. Bishop Spring has been a member of the Board of Regents since the inception of the North American Lutheran Seminary. In his words, “My vision for the seminary is that we train future pastors to be  committed leaders in confessing the biblical faith and in witnessing confidently the Word of God to all people.” 

The Rev. Wendy Berthelsen has been a member of the NALS Board of Regents for five years. She is also a Lutheran pastor, working in Texas, and is passionate about church planting and catechesis. 

The Rev. Dr. Cathi Braasch has been a member of the NALS Board of Regents for five years. She is a Lutheran pastor who has studied catechesis and spiritual formation.

The Rev. Dr. Dennis R. Di Mauro is passionate about educating our next generation of pastors for service in the North American Lutheran Church. Di Mauro is the pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church in Warrenton, Virginia. He loves the NALS because it provides a truly confessional and biblical preparation for candidates within the Lutheran tradition.

The Rev. Phillip Gagnon has been a member of the NALS Board of Regents since 2015. He is a Lutheran pastor serving in Canada.

The Rev. Dieter Punt has been a member of the NALS Board of Regents for five years. Originally from South Africa, Punt is a Lutheran pastor serving in North Carolina.


The Rev. Dr. Maurice Lee
Interim Director of Recruitment and Partnerships

The Rev. Dr. Maurice Lee has worked as an adjunct professor for the NALS for three years. In the past year, he has joined the administrative staff as interim director of recruitment and partnerships, working primarily on relationships between the NALS and various undergraduate institutions that are designed to save potential students both time and money on both their undergraduate and graduate education.

Ms. Shannon Ames
Administrative Assistant to the NALS President

Ms. Shannon Ames joins the NALS administrative staff with seven years of administrative experience. She works primarily with the financial side of the NALS office and also oversees our social media presence.

Ms. Marisa Crofts
Administrative Assistant to the NALS President

Ms. Marisa Crofts has worked as an administrative assistant to the NALS president for three years. She works primarily in communications for the NALS and also handles the NALS Board of Regents requirements.

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