Supporting Your Seminarians

Every year the students of the North American Lutheran Seminary are blessed and equipped through your generosity. The donations to the NALS and the Theological Education Fund of the North American Lutheran Church provide the funds needed to support seminary education for the future leaders and pastors in the NALC. Many of these leaders have been the recipients of substantial or full scholarships, enabling them to complete their theological education with less debt.

Colin Neill, in his third year of the MDiv program at the NALS, notes not only the financial relief such generous gifts as yours provide, but the intangible spiritual benefits as well. He writes: “I would like to attempt to begin to thank you for your generous contribution to the NALS and its ability to provide scholarships for seminarians. If it was not for your personal investment, this experience of being a part of such an incredible community and period of valuable spiritual formation would not be possible. The sense of gratitude I have is difficult to express in words, but please know that your encouragement and support of me, my fellow seminarians, and the future of the Church is immensely appreciated. Thank you so much for your obedience and faithfulness in support of the proclamation
of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ!”

We couldn’t have said it better than Colin. Please do pray for all those seeking theological education and formation in the NALC, and consider donating to support them, especially as the end of the year approaches.

Thank you for your continued support!