Board of Regents Update

The NALS Welcomes Four New Regents

Mrs. Lynnae Douglas of Emmanuel Lutheran Church in Export, Pennsylvania; Mr. Richard Jansak of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Gastonia, North Carolina; and the Rev. Dr. Stéphane Kalonji of St. Paul Lutheran Church in Rosenberg, Texas, were elected to five year terms on the Board of Regents of the North American Lutheran Seminary (NALS) at the August 2022 Mission Convocation of the North American Lutheran Church (NALC). The three new regents were elected to five year terms (rather than the original six year terms) as part of the NALC’s transition to holding Mission Convocations biennially.

Also, the NALC Executive Council approved the NALS Board of Regents’ appointment of Mr. Roger Weyersberg of Redeemer Lutheran Church in Owosso, Michigan, as an additional regent. This is an appointed seat and Mr. Weyersberg will serve a two year term.

Mrs. Lynnae Douglas
Emmanuel Lutheran Church

Export, Pennsylvania
Richard Jansak

Mr. Richard Jansak
Holy Trinity Lutheran Church

Gastonia, North Carolina
Stephané Kalonji

The Rev. Stéphane Kaljoni
St. Paul Lutheran Church

Rosenberg, Texas
Roger Weyersberg

Mr. Roger Weyersberg
Redeemer Lutheran Church

Owosso, Michigan

About the Board of Regents

The Board of Regents is made up of nine members, the bishop, and the seminary president. Its chief responsibilities are to provide oversight, supervision, and direction for the NALS Network and president, including fiscal plans, new programs and initiatives, and fundraising. The board’s current chair is the Rev. Dr. Eric Waters of St. John Lutheran Church in Boerne, Texas.

The Board of Regents typically convenes quarterly and recently met in the Dallas/Fort Worth area October 19-20. The Rev. Dr Eric Waters welcomed the Rev. Jeff Morlock, NALS Director of Vocational Discernment, to address the board. “It was so exciting to hear Jeff talk about some of his first meetings with potential seminary students,” said Waters. “We look forward to the work that Jeff will be doing.” In addition, the Rev. Dr. Eric M. Riesen, president of the NALS, reported to the board on the work of our new seminary professors, Dr. David Luy and Dr. Alex Pierce. The board also had a joint session with the NALC Executive Council to discuss how best to cooperate in areas of mutual concern such as communications, finances, and policies.

The Board of Regents has five meetings scheduled for 2023: three online and two in person.

Board of Regents

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