Lutheran Week Spring 2023

Lutheran Week in Ambridge

The NALS 2023 Spring Lutheran Week at Trinity School for Ministry (TSM) is around the corner, March 27-31! During Lutheran Week, there are evening presentations from Lutheran pastors and theologians, and the Lutheran Book of Worship (LBW) is used at Wednesday morning chapel. All NALC pastors and lay leaders are invited to join us throughout the week. Check out the line-up below!


Rural Ministry Today

Circuit Pastors with More Horsepower

This panel discussion will discuss rural and small-town ministry today by exploring multi-point parishes, the differences between rural and urban congregations, some common distinctions between large and small congregations, the discussion of theology in the rural setting, the farming and blue-collar culture, and many more. 

The panel features pastors who have a combined 76 years of experience in rural and small-town ministry and currently serve parishes in the Mid-Northeast Mission District.

The Panel

The Rev. Nila Cogan

Dean, Mid-Northeast Mission District

The Rev. Joyce Dix-Weiers

Assistant to the Dean

The Rev. Mathew Magera

Assistant to the Dean

The Rev. Jim Neal

Services Board President, Bethesda Children’s Home

The Rev. Matthew Vatalare

NALS Alumnus; Director of Camp In-Tents

Standing Out in the Life Field

How to be a Life-Minded Congregation and Community

Why are Lutherans for life? What distinctive voice can we bring to cultural conversations about life issues?  How is the sanctity of human life connected directly to the Gospel of Jesus Christ? What can we do to bring the joy and hope of God’s “Yes!” to life-or-death situations?  We’ll explore finding motivation, getting education, and taking action to change hearts and save lives.

Learn more about Lutherans for Life


The Rev. Michael Salemink
Executive Director

Lutherans for Life


The Church and Bo Giertz’s Means of Grace Christianity

Bo Giertz (1905-1998) served as a rural parish pastor, occasional preacher to the royal court, bishop of the Gothenburg diocese in the Church of Sweden, Vice President of the Lutheran World Federation, and prolific author on every subject imaginable. It would be no overstatement to say that Giertz — in productivity, accessibility of style, and influence — is the Swedish, pastoral, confessional Lutheran parallel to C.S. Lewis. What can we learn from Giertz’s view of Word and Sacrament as being foundational for and central to the Church’s life and our faith in Christ, and how that relates to community and to the mission to “Go forth?”


The Rev. Eric Andrae

The Rev. Eric Andrae
Campus Pastor

First Trinity Evangelical-Lutheran Church, Pittsburgh