June Term 2022

June Term — The 2022 June Interterm residential class at the NALS Center (Trinity School for Ministry, Ambridge, PA), will focus on “best practices” for congregational renewal. Particularly, we’ll learn together about worship, catechesis, and discipleship in the Lutheran Tradition*. Our teaching theologians include the Rev. Dr. Andrew Weisner and the Rev. Dr. Nathan Yoder. Together we’ll discuss the centrality of worship and discipleship as God-given means of renewal. There will be evening and afternoon opportunities for breakout sessions led by a team of pastors and theologians. 

Registration — If you are a student at another seminary, you should apply as a guest student through  Campus Cafe. If you are taking the course for a candidacy requirement, but are not a student at another seminary, you should apply as a non-matriculated student. Please indicate what course you are taking on your admission application in Campus Cafe.  

Guest Student Application This is for students who are currently enrolled at another seminary/graduate school and wish to transfer a for-credit course back to their home institution.

Non-Matriculated Student Application This is for students who are not currently enrolled at another seminary/university, but who would like to take one course for credit.

The deadline to register is May 6. 

Lodging for June Term — Please contact Administrative Coordinator, Rebecka Frontz, at [email protected] for information regarding lodging.

To apply for financial assistant for June Term, please fill out the form here.

Scripture, the Reformation, and the Catholic Tradition: Engaging the Work of Dr. David Yeago — On Friday, June 17 a symposium sponsored by the NALS, and co-sponsored by the Robert E. Webber Center, will be held to honor the work of Dr. David Yeago upon his retirement. Attendees of June Term (including those auditing) will be able to attend free of charge. For more information, click here.

You can register for the symposium here. The deadline to register is May 6. 

All Seminarian Retreat — The all seminarian retreat will take place after the symposium from June 17-18. Registration for the retreat is here.  Please register by May 13.

Have questions? Contact Rebecka Frontz at [email protected].

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