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Partnerships & Arrangements

Scholarships, along with other means of financial support, constitute one important way in which we can help our students manage their seminary education. A strategic balance between online offerings and residential requirements represents another. A third way, common in disciplines such as engineering and nursing, is a closer integration between the undergraduate and the postgraduate stages of education, thereby eliminating a certain amount of unnecessary repetition—and so, in the case of theological education, saving on the time and cost involved in obtaining the Master of Divinity degree.

Students completing a Bachelor in Theology at the below schools will be given credit for up to seven undergraduate courses toward the requirements for an MDiv at the NALS, potentially reducing the total time in school by an entire year—and saving the student roughly $30,000.

The NALS’ cooperative arrangements with undergraduate institutions can save you over $30,000 — that’s the cost of a full year of schooling that you don’t have to pay.

Concordia College New York

This five-year program will allow students to receive a double major in Theology and Business at Concordia’s Bronxville campus, which will include 21 transferable credits to the NALS. All in all, students come out with a BA in Theology, a BS in Business, and an MDiv from the NALS.

Concordia University, St. Paul

This program will allow students to graduate with a BA in Theology from Concordia, St. Paul in four years, transferring 21 of those credit hours to the NALS, where students can finish an MDiv in two years.

Grand View University

This six-year program will allow students to receive a BA in Theology in four years and an MDiv from the NALS in two. The arrangement enables the student to transfer up to 21 credit hours from their undergraduate studies and apply them to their graduate degree.

Questions? Please feel free to contact the Rev. Dr. Maurice Lee, the NALS’ Interim Director of Recruitment and Partnerships.