+724 385 8000 nals@tsm.edu

The Rev. Dr. Amy Schifrin

North American Lutheran Seminary President Emeritus
Associate Professor of Liturgy and Homiletics

PhD, The Graduate Theological Union
MDiv, Luther Northwestern Theological Seminary
MMus, Northwestern University
BMus, Arizona State University

Research Interests: 

  • Hymnody and Liturgical Music
  • 20th-21st Century Homiletic Theories
  • The Law/Gospel Dialectic
  • Eucharistic Prayer and Theology
  • Pastoral Formation
  • Liturgical and Ritual Studies: lex orandi, lex credendilex vivendi

Selected Publications

  • “Our Joy That Has No End: On Why the Resurrection of Jesus Matters,” Connections (Sola Publishing) March/April 2016.
  • “Song and Hymn Selection: Singing the Faithful into Life,” in A Teaching Hymnal Ecumenical and Evangelical, Eugene, OR: Cascade Books/Wipf and Stock, 2016.
  • “Knowing the Bible Through the Liturgy: The Holy Scripture as Doxology,” in Rightly Handling the Word of Truth: Scripture, Canon, Creed, ed. Carl E. Braaten, Delhi, NY: 2015.
  • “Living Together in Sacred Time: North American Lutherans and the Liturgical Year,” Currents in Theology and Mission, vol. 42, no. 4 (Oct. 2015): 298-303.
  • Learning to Pray,” Lutheran Forum, vol. 49, no. 3 (Spring 2015): 19-21.
  • “Life for Families of Criminals and the Convicted” LifeDate, Winter 2013.
  • “Praying Psalm 139 through the Resurrected One,” Lutheran Forum, vol. 47, no. 3. (Fall 2013): 14-17.
  • A Primer for Presiders: Your Body in Worship,” Let’s Talk: Living Theology in the Metropolitan Chicago Synod, Easter 2013, Volume 18, Issue 2.
  • “A Resurrection Hermeneutic: Law and Gospel in Preaching and Worship,” in Preaching and Teaching the Law and Gospel of God, ed. Carl E. Braaten, Delhi, NY: American Lutheran Publicity Bureau, 2013, 141-162.
  • “Song and Hymn Selection: Singing the Faithful into Life,” in A Teaching Hymnal Ecumenical and Evangelical, Eugene, OR: Cascade Books/Wipf and Stock, 2012.
  • “Preaching the Lectionary,” Selected Homilies, University of Mary, Center for Christian Leadership, http://www.clcumary.com/ and Gottinger Predigten, http://www.predigten.uni-goettingen.de/.
  • “Womb: the Sanctuary of Mercy,” in The Lake Louise Commission: The Sacred Family, Delhi, NY: American Lutheran Publicity Bureau, 2011, 59-80.
  • Book Review of Preaching the Revised Common Lectionary: A Guide by Gail R. O’Day and Charles Hackett, Abingdon, 2007. Sacramental Life, Volume 22, Number 1 (Winter 2010).
  • Give Us Lips to Sing Thy Glory: The Performative Exegesis of the Word through Preaching and Hymnody, VDM: Germany, 2010.
  • Book Review of Treasury of Daily Prayer, Edited by Scot A. Kinneman, St. Louis: Concordia Publishing House, 2008. Worship, Volume 84, Number 1 (January 2010).
  • “Bodies and the Body,” Lutheran Forum, November 2009.
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  • “Meanings of Music,” Review of A New Song for an Old World: Musical Thought in the Early Church by Calvin R. Stapert, Lutheran Forum (Winter 2008).
  • “Holiness is God’s Alone: The Heritage of Luther’s Use of Hymns in the Western Rite,” The Cresset, Valparaiso University (Lent 2008).
  • Lectionary Worship Workbook, Series III: Cycle A, CSS, Lima: Ohio, 2001; 2nd ed. 2007.
  • “Response to (Gwen) Sayler—Liturgical Texts, Ritual Power, and God’s Glory: The Deconstruction of a Homosexual Identity through the Lens of a Doxological Anthropology,” dialog, Vol. 44, no. 1 (Spring 2005): 90-92.
  • “A Sacramentality of Design: The Marriage Rite as Performative Exegesis,” Lutheran Forum, Vol. 38 (Winter 2004): 16-20.
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