+724 385 8000 nals@tsm.edu

Dr. David Yeago

Professor of Systematic Theology and Ethics, NALS

​​PhD, Yale University
MA, MPhil, Yale University
MDiv, Luther Theological Seminary Gettysburg
Graduate Study, Catholic University of America
BA, The College of William and Mary

Research Interests:

  • Doctrine of God
  • Christology
  • Justification and the Christian life
  • Ecumenical theology
  • Theological interpretation of Scripture
  • Early Christian thought
  • History of Christian spiritual theology
  • Theology of Martin Luther and early Lutheranism
  • Modern Lutheran, Roman Catholic and Orthodox theologies

Selected Publications

The Apostolic Faith: A Catholic and Evangelical Introduction to Christian Theology to be published by Eerdmans.

Knowing the Triune God: The Work of the Spirit in the Practices of the Church (edited with James J. Buckley). Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2001.

“Modern but Not Liberal,” First Things: A Journal of Religion and Public Life, June/July 2012.

“Grace and the Good Life: Why the God of the Gospel Cares How We Live,” in Michael Root and James J. Buckley, eds., The Morally Divided Body of Christ: Ethical Disagreement and the Disunity of the Church. Wipf & Stock, 2012.

“Re-Entering the Scriptural World,” contribution to a symposium on Luke Timothy.

Johnson and William S. Kurz, S.J., The Future of Catholic Biblical ScholarshipNova et Vetera, Winter 2006.

Martin Luther on Renewal and Sanctification: Simul Justus et Peccator Revisited,” in Sapere teologico e unità della fede: Studi in onore del Prof. Jared Wicks, ed. by Carmen Aparicio Vallis, Carmelo Donato, and Gianluigi PaqualeRome: Editrice Pontifica Università Gregoriana, 2004.

“The Presence of Mary in the Mystery of the Church” in Carl E. Braaten and Robert W. Jenson (eds.), Mary, the Mother of God.Eerdmans, 2004. Also published in Nova et Vetera, Spring 2004.​

“The Papal Office and the Burdens of History: A Lutheran View,” in Carl Braaten and Robert W. Jenson, eds., The Papal Office and the Unity of the Church. Eerdmans, 2001.

“The Church as Polity? The Lutheran Context of Robert W. Jenson’s Ecclesiology” in Colin Gunton, ed. Trinity, Time, and Church. Eerdmans, 2000.

“Seeking the Body of Christ: Sacramental Lutherans at the End of the Modern Age.” Lutheran Forum, Christmas 2000.

“Ecclesia Sancta, Ecclesia Peccatrix: Martin Luther on the Holiness of the Church.” Pro Ecclesia. Summer 2000.