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ST725 Confessing Christ Today: What Does it Mean to be Christ Centered in the 21st Century?

The North American Lutheran Church is a Christ-Centered denomination. We confess Jesus Christ as the eternal Word of God incarnate. In his death and resurrection God has spoken a word of hope, forgiveness, life and salvation for the whole world. This is the Good News we seek to embody with our lives and lips. How do we confess Christ today in a secular age? How do we form congregations who confess his truth with conviction and clarity? We invite you to this June 2021 InterTerm class to explore these and other questions together. 

Each day will start with morning prayer, followed by morning and afternoon class sessions. We encourage you to consider attending this course as it will be a great time for discussion and fellowship as a community of NALC candidates and pastors. Bishop Dan Selbo and other members of the NALS staff and candidacy committee will be present with us that week as we learn and fellowship together.

If you were entranced into the candidacy process after July 2020, you were made aware of the new residential requirement. This course is your first opportunity to fulfill a week of that requirement. If you are one of these newly entranced candidates, we encourage you to take the course for credit. Those of you who are further along in the process toward ordination may choose to audit the course or take it for credit.

Candidacy Retreat & Interviews

Following the course, Friday evening through Saturday afternoon, will be the annual Candidacy Retreat, June 11 -12. More details on the retreat will be coming soon. For now, please save these dates. This week in June will be a time for theological education, pastoral formation and community building. It is important that NALC pastors begin to build relationships with each other early in their ministry, as together you will serve in the Ministerium of the NALC.

Candidates that are scheduled for a June interview will be invited to meet with the candidacy committee at some point during this week in June. Specific dates and times will be set in the spring. If you have questions about the candidacy retreat or interviews, please email Patty Forrest (NALS@tsm.edu).

Financial Assistance

Travel, lodging, and meals will be covered for all seminarians who register for any of these events. Further details for all events will be announced in the new year.

Course Description

ST 725 Confessing Christ Today

This course considers the question of what it means to confess Christ and to be Christ Centered in the 21st century. In addition to examining key questions and challenges for the doctrine of Christ today, the class will address the biblical foundations and historical development of an orthodox doctrine of Christ with special reference to the maturation of conciliar Christology in figures such as John of Damascus and Maximus the Confessor, and the appropriation of conciliar Christology among the Lutheran reformers. The focus throughout will rest upon the importance of Christology for the mission, worship, and sanctified praxis of the church within her modern context.   

Dr. David Luy

Our instructor for this class is Dr. David Luy. Dr. Luy is Associate Professor and Chair of Biblical and Systematic Theology at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and a managing director of the Chicago Theological Initiative. His research focuses especially upon the historical development and modern appropriation of Reformation theology. Professor Luy has published a book entitled Dominus Mortis: Martin Luther on the Incorruptibility of God in Christ (Fortress Press, 2014) and has contributed to various journals and encyclopedias, including Luther DigestThe International Journal of Systematic Theology, Modern Theology and the Oxford Encyclopedia of Martin Luther. Additional essays are scheduled to appear in the forthcoming Oxford Handbook of the Reception of Aquinas and Oxford Handbook of Deification. Professor Luy is currently at work on a book project, which will explore the concept of christocentrism in modern theology.

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