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The NALS is supported by the generous contributions of individuals and congregations who want to assist in the effort to provide faithful Lutheran theological education for its pastors, prospective pastors, and laypeople. Donations given to the NALS will support the operational funding of the seminary and help in providing scholarship support for the seminarians. We are thankful for your generous support in forming pastors and church leaders who seek to fulfill Christ’s call to “go and make disciples of all nations.”  

“It is with pure gratitude and appreciation towards generous donors like yourself that seminarians can accept God’s calling toward a life in ministry without financial burdens looming over them.”

Ryan Henkel, NALS 2019 graduate, MDiv

Donations can be made online through the North American Lutheran Church’s website by selecting NALS/Theological Education Fund for your donation.
Donations by check can be made out to the North American Lutheran Church with NALS noted on the memo line. The check can be sent to:
The North American Lutheran Church
PO Box 860565
Minneapolis, MN 55486-0565

– Approximately nine out of ten NALC pastors are over the age of 40.
– 75 percent of pastors are over the age of 60.
– Since 2010, the NALC has grown to more than 420 congregations and is still growing.