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The North American Lutheran Seminary is committed to forming Christian leaders to plant, renew and grow churches that make disciples of our Lord. We are eager to work with students who aspire to serve in Lutheran congregations, giving them the theological training they need for the contexts into which they are called. Today, we are able to do so with unprecedented flexibility. We offer doctoral, master’s, diploma and certificate programs in Lutheran studies. The courses are offered residentially, online and in our summer and winter intensive formats.

Master of Divinity

This degree is a three-year professional degree program for people who are seeking holy orders in the NALC or another denomination.

Master of Arts in Religion

This degree is a two-year academic degree that is designed for those who are called to a teaching ministry or to further academic work.

Diploma in Lutheran Studies

This program is made up of our core Lutheran classes and is designed to prepare students who have another theological graduate degree that is not from a Lutheran seminary, thus helping the student prepare for service in the NALC or another Lutheran denomination.

Certificate in Lutheran Studies

This program is designed for lay-Christians who are interested in deepening their knowledge of our faith and of Lutheran tradition and theology.