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The Master of Divinity degree (MDiv) prepares students for ordained ministry. This course of study is both academic and professional, covering the fields of Biblical Studies, Church History, Theology, and Pastoral Care. Traditionally this degree is completed as a full-time residential student, taking three years to complete. Students unable to relocate as full-time students may take up to two-thirds of their MDiv credits online. Two consecutive residential semesters at the Ambridge campus are required for the remaining credits.


The MDiv program is 90 credits in the following disciplines:

Biblical Interpretation and Languages (15 credits):

  • BI500 Biblical Interpretation (Offered through Trinity School for Ministry)
  • BL631 Hebrew I (Offered through TSM)
  • BL632 Hebrew II (Offered through TSM)
  • BL651 Greek I (Offered through TSM)
  • BL652 Greek II (Offered through TSM)

Biblical Studies (15 credits):

  • OT500 Introduction to Old Testament (Offered through TSM)
  • NT500 Introduction to New Testament (Offered through TSM)
  • OT6xx Old Testament Elective (Offered through TSM)
  • NT6xx New Testament Elective (Offered through TSM)
  • OT700 or NT700 Hebrew Exegesis or Greek Exegesis (Offered through TSM)

Church History (12 credits):

  • CH625 Early Church (Offered through TSM)
  • CH635 Medieval and Reformation Church (Offered through TSM)
  • CH670 Modern Church
  • CH680 The Theology and Writings of Martin Luther

Systematic Theology (15 credits):

  • ST540 Creeds & Catechisms: An Introduction to Theological Thinking
  • ST550 Lutheran Confessions
  • ST660 Introduction to Theology I
  • ST670 Introduction to Theology II
  • ST755 Christian Ethics in the Lutheran Tradition

Mission (6 credits):

  • ME500 Introduction to World Mission (Offered through TSM)
  • ME600 Mission & Evangelism: Church Planting (Offered through TSM)

Pastoral Theology (21 credits):

  • PT550 Homiletics I
  • PT650 Homiletics II
  • PT670 Introduction to Lutheran Liturgy
  • PT700 Spiritual Formation: Catechesis & Discipleship (Offered through TSM)
  • PT710 Pastoral Care & Counseling (Offered through TSM)
  • PT770 Pastoral Administration & Leadership (Offered through TSM)
  • PT Elective (PT/ST740, PT645, or PT/ST750) (Offered through TSM)

Electives (6 credits):

  • Elective
  • Elective

Other Requirements:

  • All MDiv students are required to complete a Ministry Apprenticeship and a Cross-Cultural Mission Discipleship trip.