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The Certificate of Lutheran Studies (CLS) is a non-credit, non-degree program of Trinity School of Ministry and the North American Lutheran Seminary. It consists of six online courses in the theological disciplines delivered entirely online.
Typically, a student registered in the CLS program is a lay leader in an NALC house church or an established congregation. CLS courses are intended to enhance the faith and knowledge of the NALC laity in order to strengthen the mission of local congregations. CLS students are encouraged to seek out local pastors for mentorship and support.

The Curriculum

The CLS will be awarded upon the successful completion of 6 courses:

  • OTNC10 Survey of the Old Testament (Offered through Trinity School for Ministry)
  • NTNC10 Survey of the New Testament (Offered through Trinity School for Ministry)
  • CHNC10 Survey of Church History (Offered through Trinity School for Ministry)
  • STNC10 Introduction to Systematic Theology (Offered through Trinity School for Ministry)
  • CHNC17 The Lutheran Tradition
  • DINC10 Evangelism, Discipleship and the Ministries of Caring (Offered through Trinity School for Ministry)´╗┐

These courses are non-credit and may not be transferred into any degree or diploma program at Trinity. The courses are taught consecutively on a trimester system [Jan-Apr; May-Aug; Sep-Dec].

Tuition and Fees

Tuition: $500 per course